Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Ards Peninsula sunrise

Back from Iceland a week and have done an initial edit of the pictures.  I now want to leave them for a week of two and review them again once I have distanced myself from the enthusiasm for the trip.

Went out at sunrise yesterday along the Irish sea coast of the Ards peninsula and shot a few images - nothing spectacular - the sky was largely uninteresting and there was a lot of seaweed washed up making much of the beach look untidy - well, natural but still untidy!

Here are a couple of shots.  In the beach pool picture I like the contrast between the coolness of the sand and the promise of warmth in pale tones of the sky.  In the rock pool picture I like the reflections of the sky. Nothing special but good to get out again at home after a disappointing winter (from a photographic viewpoint).

Beach pool sunrise

Rock pool sunrise

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Iceland winter landscapes but not the Northern Lights

Just back from a week in Iceland with Daniel Bergmann and 6 others.  Unfortunately the gods were against us  - despite a couple of clear sunny days, each night we had overcast conditions which hid the Northern Lights.  By way of compensation we spent a wet afternoon under cover (more or less) photographing an ice-cave in a glacier.  By day however, we lost only one day due to adverse weather and spent it travelling to Myvatn in the north of Iceland in the hope of getting clearer skies at night.  Sadly the Northern Lights continued to elude us.  Nevertheless we had lots of daytime photo opportunities in conditions ranging from bright sunshine to snow and probably everything in between!

Currently working on the pictures and will post in due course on the following link (which has images from my two earlier trips to Iceland):

By way of a taster here is an image of a small frozen lake behind the moraine at Fjallsarlon complete with a "JCB":