Sunday, 20 November 2011

Scanning- rally photography

In my previous blog I mentioned that I had dipped back into my rallying photography just to see how the new scanner would perform with my old Tri-X images.   I was looking at some from the 1980 Circuit of Ireland Rally and having forgotten who won I Googled the result.  This took me to a site called Rallybuzz where there was a report of the event and to my surprise 3 photographs taken by me were included but credited to someone else!  They were very poor copies and obviously had been scanned from somewhere else.  As I recall these photographs were published in Rally Sport Magazine and I presume this was the source. 

I quickly located the negatives and sent a quick email to the site together with watermarked scans of the 3 pictures.  To their credit Rallybuzz came back within an hour apologising and changed the credits.  However I was not happy with such poor copies being credited to me and I sent them unwatermarked copies for inclusion together with additional pictures of the winner Jimmy McRae and again they were changed within the hour.  Full marks to Rallybuzz for dealing with this so quickly -

                                                                          Ari Vatanen

                                                                     Malcolm Wilson

                                                                      Jimmy McRae

                                                                           Ger Buckley

See for more rally pictures.

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